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Microbial composition and function across an old-field chronosequence - Experiment 279

Root biochemistry

Years Available: 2013

Principle Investigators

Cline, Lauren
Zak, Donald

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1DateDate samples were collected
2SiteLocation of sampling
3lignin (percent)root lignin contentdimensionless
4cellulose (percent)root cellulose contentdimensionless
5hemicellulose (percent)root hemicellulose contentdimensionless


DateSitelignin (percent)cellulose (percent)hemicellulose (percent)
06/05/2013CCESR field 413.145.3518.51
06/05/2013CCESR field 106.5569.197.37
06/05/2013CCESR field 287.0462.3114.7
06/05/2013CCESR field 357.3771.8810.04
06/05/2013CCESR field 393.4583.745.67
06/05/2013CCESR field 417.1765.7111.47
06/05/2013CCESR field 538.6731.3936.34
06/05/2013CCESR field 7210.1262.366.4
06/05/2013CCESR field 7716.0538.5425.43
06/05/2013Northern hardwoods28.8843.323.61
06/05/2013Oak savanna33.2527.199.41
06/05/2013Upland pin oak31.8436.422.29

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Microbial composition and function across an old-field chronosequence: Root biochemistry

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