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Long-Term Nitrogen Deposition: Population, Community, and Ecosystem Consequences - Experiment 001

Root Carbon and Nitrogen


Years Available: 2009

Principle Investigators

Tilman, David

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1Experiment numberCDR experiment number
2DateDate of sampling
3PlotPlot number
4FieldField number/letter
5NtrtNitrogen treatment1= 0.0 g/m20 ml, 2= 1.5 g/m225 ml, 3= 3.0 g/m250 ml, 4= 5.0 g/m290 ml, 5= 8.0 g/m2140 ml, 6= 14.0 g/m2250 ml, 7= 25.0 g/m2445 ml, 8= 40.0 g/m2710 ml, 9= 0.0 g/m20 ml
6NAdd(g/m2/yr)Nitrogen Added to PlotgramsPerMeterSquaredPerYear
7NitrAddAmount of fertilizer added to the plotgramsPerMeterSquaredPerYear
8NAtm+NAddNitrogen addition plus Nitrogen from the atmospheregramsPerMeterSquaredPerYear
9DepthDepth of soil sample in centimeters
10% CarbonPercent Carbon in root tissuedimensionless
11% NitrogenPercent Nitrogen in root tissuedimensionless


ExperimentDatePlotFieldNTrtNAddNitrAddNAtm+NAddDepth% Carbon% Nitrogen
16/1/20091C69.522810.520-20 cm42.6612.623
16/1/20092C32.0463.040-20 cm44.9931.481
16/1/20093C71750180-20 cm46.4542.964
16/1/20094C21.0232.020-20 cm43.9251.340
16/1/20095C43.4104.40-20 cm38.6091.794
16/1/20096C55.44166.440-20 cm40.1581.899
16/1/20097C32.0463.040-20 cm41.5631.665
16/1/20098C10010-20 cm42.3491.258
16/1/20099C69.522810.520-20 cm45.6491.927
16/1/200910C43.4104.40-20 cm42.9481.890
16/1/200911C21.0232.020-20 cm43.9711.398
16/1/200912C71750180-20 cm45.4732.959

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Long-Term Nitrogen Deposition: Population, Community, and Ecosystem Consequences: Root Carbon and Nitrogen

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