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Experiment 145h - Effects of Nitrogen Fertilization on Litter and Soil Decomposition

The influence of inorganic nitrogen (N) inputs on decomposition is poorly understood. Some prior studies suggest that N may reduce the decomposition of substrates with high concentrations of lignin via inhibitory effects on the activity of lignin-degrading enzymes, although such inhibition has not always been demonstrated. The purpose of E145 was to study the effects of nitrogen (N) addition on decomposition of seven substrates ranging in initial lignin concentrations (from 7.4 - 25.6%) over five years in eight different grassland and forest sites in central Minnesota.

Methods for e145h


Dataset IDTitleRange of Years (# years with data)
cze145hExtracellular enzyme2005-2005 (1 year)
ldnde145hLitter Decomposition and Nitrogen Dynamics2005-2005 (1 year)